The tasty alternative represents a feast for the eyes and a tasty attraction for the taste buds. Unique and genuine.



Small and tasty. When something is exquisite, the proportions do not matter Taste them all!



The best cookies enriched with a unique and delicious ice cream



A classic, revisited according to our experience and praised according to his goodness and simplicity. From the white one, to the one covered with pistachio or strawberry, for all tastes and palates


Ice cream cake

The great classic for the whole family. Sweets combinations of creams and fruit.

ice cream cake

Bon Bon

The ice cream Pastry. Where ice cream art is transformed into pastry because offers its customers a unique and genuine product.

bon bon


A classy parfait dessert in a walking cone. From the most famous traditional pastry, the cakes proposed in our own way



The ice cream is covered with chocolate. Every little praline contains the essence of the great chocolate tradition that blends with the ice cream one.



A pastry where ice cream and parfait join to create a rich dessert, fresh and light.



To have at home, always ready to consume, a delicious homemade ice cream was the idea that led us to create the "Cassatelle". The ice cream for from home. In six delicious combinations.



The "Cocktail" ice cream! Negroni, Pina Colada, Mojito, Cuba Libre ... an after-meal perfect to give and enjoy with friends.



The couple cake was made because households are increasingly composed of just two people. A small ice cream cake, sophisticated and refined.


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